Why choose manual coding over automated coding for PSD to HTML conversion

Why choose manual coding over automated coding for PSD to HTML conversion

The PSD to HTML conversions adds functionality, accessibility, and interactivity to a static design PSD file.

In content of pixel perfect PSD to HTML conversions, there are always confusions between the manual code and the automated code. Which begs the question; which is an excellent option for the PSD to HTML conversions; the manual or automated coding?

Though there is so many online software that converts PSD to HTML; they claim to be faster and high-quality in converting PSD into HTML formats. People with little knowledge of the HTML/CSS will prefer the automated coding, but people with vast knowledge on the HTML/XHTML/CSS markups will prefer manual coding.

There are also many companies that convert PSD to HTML manually, but choosing the right company is not very easy.

The manual conversion holds a great significance over automated version. SEO optimized high-speed website and the fully hand coded pixel perfect HTML/CSS plays very crucial role in delivering the right message to online visitors efficiently.

Though the automated code is cost-effective and fast, it lacks accuracy. While the manual coding is error-less code, table-less and easy-to-read which most automated software fails to make available.

The automatic software that converts PSD files works in almost the same way so that the output will remain the same, with this you cannot personalize or modify your website according to your taste or needs. In such instance, it is likely to be a complicated procedure.

Why choose manual coding and say no automated coding?

  1. Bug-free code. Bugs in the code will alter the functionality and overall look of the website. Automated software can’t assure bug-free code. To provide quality PSD to HTML code, it has to be bug-free.
  2. Not a very cheap and quick automated conversion. Though the automated coding comes affordable and offers quick conversions but considering the problems they create in the output, it is not cheap and a rapid conversion process.
  3. Risk factor. Manual coding done through professional web developers are always easy to read, error free, table less and optimized which is not present in the automated software. Therefore using the automated coding, there is always a high risk of getting high-quality PSD to HTML conversions.
  4. SEO Friendly Manual code. Website front-end code needs to be Google friendly if you want to promote your site online and since the codes produced from automated software is not SEO friendly, you don’t need to use it. Manually coded websites are SEO friendly, editable, W3C compliant, attractive and also engaging. So there are higher chances of getting more traffic.

An experience programmer with a very vast knowledge of HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-ups which includes web programming manually codes web layouts efficiently so it can yield better results in terms of browser compatibility, pixel perfection, optimized and clean code which is crucial for good online performance and customer satisfaction.

Seeing all these reasons listed above, it is best to choose manual code rather than automated code in PSD to HTML conversions.

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