Google Maps Services now commercialized!

google maps is paid

Google Maps Services now commercialized!

Since July 16, 2018, Google Maps Platform for businesses and developers has replaced Google Maps services.

Main changes from the replacement

Users now need their credit card to sign up for the service, and previously free features are now commercialized. Without a unique API key or Client ID, the maps are low resolution with watermark and errors.

Things to consider

It is crucial to determine the viability of using the platform’s services. You can get a credit of $200 from Google for using the platforms features for free every month.

Can the $200 credit be enough for the free usage of these services? Anyways, speaking from experience, the following features are widely used and most relevant:

  • Basic Data;
  • Contact Data;
  • Directions;
  • Directions Advanced;
  • Dynamic Maps;
  • Embed;
  • Embed Advanced;
  • Mobile Native Dynamic Maps;
  • Mobile Native Static Maps;
  • Places Details;
  • Static Maps.

Apart from the features listed above, the majority of our clients do not need additional features. As a result of this, we feel the $200 credit should be enough for you if you use only these features.

Therefore, we think it is in your best interest to choose only the features you need when setting up your account.

The Bottom Line

You may check this link if you would like to see the complete list of features and their prices. Please go here to get the latest changes information on Google Map services.

We recognize you may be busy and don’t have the time to figure out these updates, but do not fret because we got you covered with everything you need to know; please Contact us now, we are glad to help you!

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