Online Collaboration Tools for Web Dev Teams

Online Collaboration Tools for Dev Teams

Online Collaboration Tools for Web Dev Teams

Handling multidirectional business communication is challenging unless you have time-saving SaaS products and remote collaboration solutions to make it easy for you.

Our experience at htmlHydra with over 500 coding projects exposes us to how vital time-saving SaaS products are for efficient communication. Whatever your business, we want to share these collaboration tools with you to keep you on-task and on-track:


This tool easily integrates with other apps like reporting tools, mobile applications, time trackers, invoicing software and software development tools. It features to-do lists, tasks, milestones, wikis, and file sharing, and messaging.

Pricing: You can add a task with ease. It has a month trial offer and pays $29 for basic and $79 premium packages respectively.

It sorts your conversations into different channels and lets you integrate as many services as desired. Though a management tool, it’s more a communication tool.

Pricing: Small teams have suitable free packages. Paid packages offer more at $8 monthly.

Formerly called Teambox, this tool doubles as a management and communication app; it offers robust video conferencing to bring everyone together. A team can do messaging, video chat and share screen to manage tasks.

Pricing: Basic package – $5/user monthly, Pro package – $15/user month, both billed annually.

It is to organize communication, reporting, and billing, this tool is for you. It also makes file storage, task lists, and time tracking and expenses to make billing easier.

Pricing: the first month is free for all. Subsequent month plan is $25/ 5-users monthly; 5GB/unlimited users is up to $299 monthly, including other plans.

Use this tool to track anything you need such as leads, bugs, tasks, meetings and integrate it with Slack, Chrome, Dropbox, and Github to keep track of latest changes in code.

Pricing: It is available for up to 15 members for free – Basic functions. Pro functions go for $8 per task, billed yearly.


To help your team to write excellent code, use the following tools for easy writing, review, and deployment of code:

It helps to design and deploy code; it is especially handy for newbie and non-techies.

Pricing: $15 monthly for starters; enterprise package from $50 monthly.

The most prominent code host with more than 31 million repositories; it is best for discussing, reviewing, and managing changes to code with effective team member management.

Pricing: no private repositories free; an individual plan from $7 monthly, an organization at $25 monthly.

It serves as a workspace, code editor and sandbox for dev team collaboration. It’s great for review and interacting with the code in a browser.

Pricing: a Free trial with Cloud9 IDE. Upgrade at $9 monthly and $19 monthly for Cloud9 for Salesforce plan.

Enhance interaction of developers, designers, and client and share files/documents; it integrates with Jenkins, Bitbucket, Zendesk, etc.

Pricing: it has a 7-day free trial with a paid plan from $24 monthly.


While you can’t avoid bugs, you need the tool to plan, track and release latest editions.

It is a web-based bug-tracking and project management tool that integrates with control software. It allows wiki markup to link references between tasks, bugs, and files.

Pricing: it is licensed under the Modified BSD license.

It lets you capture bugs reported by your clients directly on the website. It helps you cut down on miscommunication so they can spend more time fixing the bugs.

Pricing: it has a 14-day free trial with a paid plan from $29 monthly.

It is used for issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management. It has a clean interface with OpenSocial dashboards, customizable workflows, and a pluggable integrating framework.

Pricing: it is a 7-day free trial with a paid plan from $10 monthly.

Final words

As there are different teams and project so are various tools options to manage projects and your team to track coding.

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