Our Process


Once you have decided to order your website with us, we will send you a confirmation email with all of the necessary information you need.


Our team is on call 24/7 to ensure that all of the correct details necessary for the order are in place.


Your order will then be assigned a project manager who will be your first point of call. The project manager will ensure that your designs are visions are interpreted and implemented to suit your needs.


Your order will then move to the development stage where one of our markup-developers will convert your PSD to HTML and CSS.


Once completed, the developer will send their implementation to the quality assurance team for testing.


The QA team will test the solution for browser compatibility and work with the markup-developer to implement any necessary fixes.


When the project is completed we will upload the final results to your account where you can then access them.


At this stage, we offer an additional implementation service. If the client has opted for this our team will first go through the markup with the client to confirm approval to move on to the implementation stage.


The markup will then be sent forward to the implementation stage and upon completion, the team will either upload the complete solution to the client’s account or install it directly on to the client’s server.

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