Web development trends for 2017

Web development trends for 2017

As we all know, technology is constantly changing. This fact makes it clear that it is crucial to keep yourself informed and updated on web development trends.

The release of large and bulky web updates and developments information at weekly intervals can get you confused and lost. However, we bring you some vital information on the trends for the year 2017. Below are the tips on web updates and development:

The use of artificial intelligence in the creation of websites

Google and Wikipedia have successfully made use of artificial intelligence. This technology intelligence is available to us, to develop software that can think on its own and also act on instructions given to it. We need to take the time to study this as it will be of great help in taking your skill in web development to another level.

Complex layout in graphic design principles

To tell the dimension which web design will turn out, we need to pay attention to the evolution of graphic design. For a few years now, web design and development layout flow have been hindered by the limitations of CSS. To counter the limitations of CSS, you need to make use of new tools such as Flexbox and CSS Grid. They permit better expression and layout in web design and development.

Utilizing More SVGs

SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) provide the web designers and developers with great help and advantages which cannot be gotten from old image formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG. The name format scalable and vector gives a better understanding and the advantages you can get in utilizing SVGs. It is resolution independent which makes them look great on any screen and also on any device. Though, not all SVGs look great on any device. Another interesting characteristic of SVGs is that it does not require HTTP request.

Better focus on animation

Animation has been of great impact in the production of digital interfaces, and we absolute do not have any reason to think it will not get better in 2017. As a matter of fact, as the web designers are provided with more tools to help the building and great animations, we are very confident that they will become more refined and prominent.

Unique layouts

In the previous year 2016, issues and debates arose on web design and development. It existed to determine whether it is dying and losing its value or not. As unrealistic as the argument may be, we cannot put the blame of any creative that is seeking ways to package different contents to its readers. The idea of getting beautiful concepts of different layouts to attract readers is not a bad one.

Better focus on designing for content delivery and conservation

Personalizing your content is a trending topic in content circles for a while now. Though, it seems to have not been well examined and treated. More importantly, the purpose is to deliver content base on demographics, behavior and the context.

PSD to Bootstrap

Converting PSD to Bootstrap is amazing in designing and development of websites. It makes your work easier since you can directly convert from PSD to Bootstrap. Bootstrap was designed to be very attractive and great on all modern browsers. It also looks good on different tablets and smart phones with the aid of CSS. This is one of the new web developments and therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to look for tools that help you convert directly from PSD to Bootstrap.

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